Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Merry Christmas

I thought I'd put a picture up of all the presents under our tree. Doing just a quick count of what I could see, there are 42 presents! I don't really want to unwrap them. Just having them there is so much more exciting. Hope everyone was as lucky as me, as happy as me, and have a great Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I've been dressing so girly lately. It's not like me at all. I'm usually in shorts and Doc Martens at this time of the year, but it's sooooo good to have warm weather. I'm loving just sitting around in this great new dress I found at an op shop. It makes me want to play tennis!
Maybe it's more fashionable to be girly this year. I've noticed lots of polka dots everywhere and of course florals are still going strong.

Only 6 days till Christmas. I cannot wait. Having 3 days off work makes a difference and I have lots of sun dresses and sandals calling.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I got sequins on my pants

I made these shorts more than a week ago and they are starting to stretch already :(. They used to be skin tight. Also apparently sequins fall off butt pockets but oh well. I love them. The only thing missing from this is roller skates!
I got my hair cut yesterday :D. They always straighten it like crazy for no apparent reason. I thought they were going to cut it a little more once it was straight, but they did nothing. It was really strange. But I guess otherwise, my hair was a big red afro from all the hair drying. I personally thought it looked better though haha.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cup Day

I went to cup day with my dad today. I tell yah, I can't understand how the likes of Rumi and Lulu go around in heels all day. My feet are killing me and that's just from one outing. Still it was a long day and I barely got to sit down.
I decided to enter fashion in the field after I got flagged down as soon as I came through the gate. But their taste is so shocking! The shinier the better, and everything has to be so matching it sets your teeth grinding at the cheesiness of it. Also, they told us to get there at 12:30 and my event wasn't till about 3 let alone my heat. There was no where to sit back stages and everything was so disorganised so I wasn't even sure if I was in the right place. It's safe to say I won't enter next year.

Wearing: Home made dress with exposed zip, Bag from ?, Borrowed Shoes, Self made headband, Cream rose ring from Diva.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I love Iekeliene Stange. She always achieves the perfect amount of dishevelled pattern mixing. I dream to be as cool as her

Photo: Altamira: Models off Duty

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's been ages since I've posted anything. It's so warm at the moment, it's nice to crack out the shorts and Tshirts.
Holidays are officially upon me!! But now I'm not so sure how to fill them up. I have a whole four months of glorious freedom.

Wearing: Supre Stallion Tshirt, Jay Jays red acid wash shorts, Gold Koram Flash Doc Martens, Sequinned Tuxedo Vest from Max, Boh Runga Feather Necklace, Karen Walker Rocket Ship Pendant, Nylon Socks from Farmers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zac Posen RTW 2010

I am so amazingly loving these three looks in Zac Posen's collection. Everything else is so flowy and sparkly and two-toned/woven and then these plastic monstrosities pop out. I don't really know how he thought they would flow, but who cares? They are plastic fantastic.

Photos from

Monday, August 24, 2009

Joining the Circus.

Fish nets, gold shoes, jewel colours, frilled collars. I probably should really, join the circus that is. I would fit right in. Well I could dress the part, I actually suck at any kind of gymnastics or crazy flexibility. I can't even touch my toes.
Here are my shoes!! Are they not amazing?
It's been so hot the last couple of days. These two tops have been great. Found them both at an op-shop, exactly the same except that they green one is made of a slightly lighter fabric. There was also a beautiful cream lace one, but I thought buying all three would be a bit much.
Don't know what I'm doing with my hand in the first picture, but it showed my shoes.

Deadly Ponies

So my clothes appreciation week didn't go too well. It rained all week, so most of the clothes were too cold. And then my camera ran out of batteries, so when I did wear them I couldn't take any photos.
Still, I may be able to recreate some of them for you.
My gold shoes arrived in the mail!! They are amazing. I will post a picture of them tomorrow, as I don't think a flash will really do them justice.

I found this great jewellery brand called Deadly Ponies. I'm in love with so many of their things, and their bags. But alas, I cannot afford them.
Here are some of my favourites.Deadly Ponies Carnation Bud Necklace. Bone on sterling silver

Mr Neck Arm Necklace in Brass
Mr. Flower B Necklace. Bone and Gold
Mr. Bow Tie Skull Necklace. Leather and Metal.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clothes appreciation week

Looking through my closet, there are so many beautiful garments that I never wear. It's crazy. So I have decided that next week is to be my beautiful clothes appreciation week. This is a week for the things in my closet which rarely see the sun, and yet are very, very beautiful. I have chosen four items (since sunday is spent at work wearing uniform and it gives me a chance to wear some of them more than once). These must be worn at least once next week, but preferably even more.

First of all, 2 dresses. Both handmade and designed.Two print Luella inspired dress, Butterfly dress with ribbon

Secondly, two jackets (you may be sensing I wasn't lying when I admitted my weakness for shiney things earlier).Gold World Jacket, Green Brocade Bomber Jacket (handmade)

Lastly, I also have a beautiful, beautiful watch that hasn't seen the light of day for atleast a year. Granted it has run out of battery, but that's no excuse. I am terrible and repairing things and putting it on my wrist will only serve as a reminder.

Hands Christian Anderson Swatch (if you look closely there is actually the Snow Queen on the left, and the other strap has the little match stick girl)

So clothes apprecation week. yay! Can't wait, and I'll deffinitly post pictures. I'd love to see the beautiful things in other people's closets that go unnoticed. Perhaps we should make it a legitimate holiday....right boss???? ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inside out Chanel

New vest. Well actually, it's a jacket I cut the arms off. It really didn't feel right till now, but I loved the fabric. Sort of a inside out Chanel. You know, the collection with the Americana striped and stars. I can imagine wearing this with red and white striped for a similar feel.

I have been wearing a lot of vests lately. Well another vest, I guess. My furry one. Embarrassing story, I left it in my lecture, the soul guy in the course (it's heroins in History) found it and asked the whole class whose it was. So basically, I had to claim this furry gorilla vest in front of my whole class. I wear it though, so I don't know why that's embarrassing. I guess not worn, out of context, a hairy vest is a pretty strange thing to own.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok call me a magpie. I am a little gold obsessed. And perhaps a little Doc Marten obsessed too.
I'll go to therapy soon after, I promise. But I must have these shoes!!!
As I said to my friend Kelly (hello Kelly!), I believe I was born for a purpose, and that purpose was to own these shoes. Once I do, my life will be complete. The answer to the universe is not 42, it's Gold Korum Flash.

Gold Korum Flash Doc Martens.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Making use of the slightly warmer weather to wear something more stylish. Usually I'm just a big ball of wool, and since I am so colour mad, all my coats, scarves, hats and gloves are colourful. In winter I am a packet of skittles.Bought this clever zip necklace for $14 at Dotti the other day. What a great idea! It's just a zip, with the fabric cut away and the ends clamped together. I usually make a resolution never to buy anything I could easily make myself, but I figured that a zip would probably only cost a little less anyway. My mum disagrees, however, and is going to attempt her own DIY if anyone's interested.

Wearing: Black Leggings, Second hand boots, Second Hand Beanie, Self altered second hand dress, Supre tshirt, Dotti Necklace.


I've been doing some painting lately. I'm not a huge painter, but I loved it when I was a child. In fact, according to an old scrapbook I used to fill when I was younger, I dreamed of being an artist, a writer or a doctor. I guess the writing held it's ground. But I think I was disheartened by year 11 art, where we were forced to conform to a style of painting. Mine is usually very thick, very bright, and very imaginative. So much more fun that way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Talking about high-tops in my earlier post reminded me of a job I've been meaning to do with my old chucks. I used to love wearing high-tops but mine eventually wore out and I am too broke to buy another pair. However, a while ago I realised that the important part of the chuck (the upper section) looks as good as new. Why waste perfectly good material? So I cut it off and bound the edges. Added the studs today as an after thought.I'm pretty desperate to get the other one done so I can wear them.


Found this on Karla's blog. What a thief. This editor has totally stolen my image
Ok, well I am being self deluded, but the red hair, the high top chucks (I actually haven't worn mine for a while because they ripped apart), even the gold jacket.
This is just killing me, I need my hair to be this long. Though my hair line is not as nice as hers so I probably couldn't manage that awesome ponytail.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


luluella: what do you think would be more warm, blankets or ponchos?
Knee: Mexicans wear ponchos
Knee: in Mexico

Can't beat that logic.

Does anyone ever feel the need to girly up hammer pants? It's strange because I usually like to grunge up girly outfits. I'm just not that girly at all genuinely, but lately it's like I ingested sugar coated rainbow fairy dust, or something. I mean, I bought a black satin bow for my hair. I am NOT a bow person. I have always shied, no reeled, away from headbandbowpigtail sort of hair.
Anyway, case in point, I am girly now. Here's my girly hammer look:
Went kinda crazy on the photos today, but common, it's like I'm dancing!
It was so warm today and now it's back to bitterly cold (hence the thick cardigan). These pants are actually way too think for winter. I am thinking of trying to make some with grey jersey knit after seeing some Deborah Sweeney ones of trademe. I have a feeling that I'd never wear anything else.

Tried to get a closer picture of my tights, which I made by pulling apart some old ones and cutting around them. This is a major fail, but I thought it was a cool picture anyway.

top: Just Jeans
Jersey: Vintage
Hammer Pants: Glassons (of all places)
Heels: Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Tights: Homemade.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok so another onslaught of terrible photographs. I probably shouldn't even bother because you can hardly see the detail anyway.
I got this fabulous Sera Lily top from Trade Me. I am so happy with it, I can for see it becoming one of my favourite items of clothing. She seems to really design for red heads, the colours are
sooo perfect.

I tried to find some images for you, but it seems that has shut down. This makes me so sad! There is not much coverage of New Zealand fashion and it was always a great go-to website. It makes me really sad because there is so much talent out there, and with C4 no longer covering NZ Fashion week, and Runway Reporter shutting down, what is there left?? We have NZ Music Month, which is a whole lot of baloney in my opinion. Bring on Fashion month, properly I say! They obviously need more coverage.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Gosh, I think this is one of the longest breaks I've had from a post. It wasn't even intentional, and I can't even remember the reasons behind it as I sit here in front of my laptop. Well, for one, I know that I had three exams last week and and essay due. HRWKNfln!!!! Are they even allowed to do that? Well yes, but that's not the point. I was a ball of stress. Now I am dying to post up the many things I have accumulated in the mean time.

It has been freezing here. 10 degrees if we are luckily, but often below zero in the morning. I have always wanted to say this, and now I can; I have been living in my Doc Martens. Yeah, I'm lame, I idolise punks. So what? Got a problem with it punk?! Ahhhhhhh......

I took these pictures at night, so that's why they are all over the place and why the lighting changes. I was trying really hard to get a good picture, but oh well, you get the picture (no pun intended...oh god I need sleep).Look I get gradually closer :D.

Top- Cue
Negligee: Vintage
Jersey: Vintage
Vest: Jay Jays
Shorts: Customised
Tights: Farmers
Shoes: Doc Martens

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I finally got around to doing some of the DIY projects I have been putting off for god knows how long. It is insane how much fabric I have piled up into my wardrobe, and every two months or so I decide on something different I want to do with it I swear, this velvet fabric I have has gone through at least 20 transformations.
On top of that I often buy things at op shops that are too big or not quite right, and they sit in my closet waiting to be revamped.

So this dress was lucky, it was only in there a week. I wasn't sure what I had in mind for it, but all of a sudden, it turned into this:
Before this it was two sizes too big and down to my ankles. Now I'm not one to raise my nose at long skirts but it made me look like a bean pole.

Ever since i watched the BBC version of Ballet Shoes, I have been a little obsessed with the idea of the 1920s. Pretty fabrics like this have caught my eye. And I am in love with how this turned out, though I think I might undo the last pleat in the middle because it looks a little like I have it stuck in my underwear haha. But otherwise, I couldn't have imagined a better end result. I want to wear it everyday this week.

Second up, I made a cute shift dress out of some beautiful gold fabric I've been saving up for a while.
I didn't want to put this dress up, as it totally trumps mine, but I thought I shouldn't pretend I wasn't inspired by it.
Rumi from fasiontoast

I'll put a better picture up when I work out how to wear it. Unfortunately it's not that possible to go bra less, because one gets the Balmian effect:

....if you get what I'm saying.

Anyway, that's what I accomplished today. Hopefully there will be a few more thing popping up. I have at least two dresses on the go at the moment and I still need to buy some ribbon to lace one of my Doc Martens (turns out 3 metres was only enough for one...holy cow).
Hope you all had good weekend.