Saturday, June 13, 2009


luluella: what do you think would be more warm, blankets or ponchos?
Knee: Mexicans wear ponchos
Knee: in Mexico

Can't beat that logic.

Does anyone ever feel the need to girly up hammer pants? It's strange because I usually like to grunge up girly outfits. I'm just not that girly at all genuinely, but lately it's like I ingested sugar coated rainbow fairy dust, or something. I mean, I bought a black satin bow for my hair. I am NOT a bow person. I have always shied, no reeled, away from headbandbowpigtail sort of hair.
Anyway, case in point, I am girly now. Here's my girly hammer look:
Went kinda crazy on the photos today, but common, it's like I'm dancing!
It was so warm today and now it's back to bitterly cold (hence the thick cardigan). These pants are actually way too think for winter. I am thinking of trying to make some with grey jersey knit after seeing some Deborah Sweeney ones of trademe. I have a feeling that I'd never wear anything else.

Tried to get a closer picture of my tights, which I made by pulling apart some old ones and cutting around them. This is a major fail, but I thought it was a cool picture anyway.

top: Just Jeans
Jersey: Vintage
Hammer Pants: Glassons (of all places)
Heels: Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Tights: Homemade.

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Romeika said...

I love the tights underneath the pants. Such a fun and quirky detail!