Friday, April 29, 2011


Gosh it's been so long since I have written on this blog that I have been up to Wellington again and now I am in England! I won a scholarship because of the earthquake which has ruined my city and made studying at my university almost impossible (we have not had a library since September and most people are studying in the carparks in tents). I have been accepted into Oxford University for 2 months where I will be studying at Magdalen College. It is unreal.
Oxford is absolutely amazingly beautiful. There are amazing buildings everywhere you turn, to the point where you just stop and gape every now and then. I visited Christ Church yesterday which's Cathedral apparently has the first ever spire in England (or Europem, I can't remember). C S Lewis and Oscar Wilde stayed and studied at my college and I have to say, I can see much of Lewis's inspiration here. There are beautiful lamp posts all through the city which look just like the one he described in his book.
There are 40 libraries here for me to choose from, which makes me so happy I want to dance.