Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finally found my camera. Not sure where it went. The last time I remember using it was in my room and then I couldn't find it for two weeks, and then it appeared today in my room? I'm so confused. I think maybe it fell somewhere strange and the cleaner found it. Whatever, I have my camera back, I'm happy.
I took some terrible outfit photos today, but oh well, here they are for you all the same. And a rather nice picture of Oxford.

During the day:
Wearing: Chucks, Warehouse Jeans, Dorothy Perkins checked blouse

At night:
Wearing: Second hand heels, River Island dress

I went to a formal hall at Jesus tonight, which basically means you get really dressed up and then they serve you four courses and lots of wine. It's really lovely and it's usually pretty cheap, though this one was quite expensive. I had a really good time.

Opps almost forgot the picture of Oxford. This is Broad Street. One of the main streets in the centre of Oxford.

There's some great pubs on Broad Street. Just to the right there is a pub called "The White Horse". I'm pretty sure it's a chain but it's exactly what you dream of when you think of an English pub. Pokey, warmly lit on the inside, with really, really close ceilings. I had the best meal I've had so far there, Scottish mussels in heaps on garlic butter and garlic bread. But when I went back the other day, they didn't have any left. It was one of the most disappointing meals of my life. I could taste mussels instead the whole time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Had the most amazing time in London yesterday. People have just been opening their arms to us over here and we have been able to go to the most amazing events night after night. Yesterday we were invited to the New Zealand House in London for a Canterbury Alumni event. They gave us free drinks, food and the most amazing view over London I will probably ever see (we were in the pent house). They also gave us free University of Canterbury pins which is an added bonus.
The view was amazing. Felt like I was being swept off the roof. We weren't allowed to bring glasses out there, it was that high. If we dropped them, it wouldn't bode well on the people below. I wore a dress I bought from River Island two weeks ago and vintage gold shoes.
Earlier on in the day, I toured around London. It was so much fun, such a great city. Here I am pictured with my never fail acid wash shorts and the Queen Elizabeth gate. It is so beautiful.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Went for a walk around the Magdalen College grounds yesterday. They were so beautiful in the spring, I took heaps and heaps of photos, though they don't really do it justice, and they are a little boring without people in them. I managed to take some photos of myself by propping my camera up on fences and bridges, but not all that many came out.
I got my first assignment today, "Why is the Wind in the Willows a children's book?". I'm not sure if it is. I better get out the Wind in the Willows. Luckily I have read it before, otherwise it might have been a more desperate scramble. I'm actually really looking forward to getting my teeth into some work, though everyone else will hate me for saying it. I was getting a bit bored and lonely as everyone else has heaps to do. It's also really exciting to have a library again and not just any library at that. I have 4 million books to choose from!!! 40 libraries and the Bodleian library (the oldest library in the english speaking world). They have the rights to ask for a copy of any book published in the UK. It's a reference library, so you're not allowed to get anything out. They do that to make sure everything is available to people at all times.

I am wearing: Dress: homemade, Tights: mum bought for me, Jacket: Jeans West, Bag: another gift from my mum.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Gosh it's been so long since I have written on this blog that I have been up to Wellington again and now I am in England! I won a scholarship because of the earthquake which has ruined my city and made studying at my university almost impossible (we have not had a library since September and most people are studying in the carparks in tents). I have been accepted into Oxford University for 2 months where I will be studying at Magdalen College. It is unreal.
Oxford is absolutely amazingly beautiful. There are amazing buildings everywhere you turn, to the point where you just stop and gape every now and then. I visited Christ Church yesterday which's Cathedral apparently has the first ever spire in England (or Europem, I can't remember). C S Lewis and Oscar Wilde stayed and studied at my college and I have to say, I can see much of Lewis's inspiration here. There are beautiful lamp posts all through the city which look just like the one he described in his book.
There are 40 libraries here for me to choose from, which makes me so happy I want to dance.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Spent the last few days in Wellington with my lovely mum and aunties. The weather has been pretty disappointing but omg I have done so much shopping and found some really cool thing. Shopping in Wellington is so different from Christchurch and given more time I think I could find a whole new wardrobe here (not that I need one). One shop on Cuba street coughed up about 5 amazing dresses for me to try on in 10 minutes of searching but they all ended up being the wrong size or the wrong price. But I think if I went their regularly I'd be a very happy chicken. People just aren't as stylish in Christchurch (sorry Cantabrians). I've noticed a massive difference in male style especially. Guys here actually give a f&%#.
I found some great fabric too which I am going to rip off Kate Sylvester with. I'd buy your clothes Kate but they are just too expensive for me. I'll make up for it one day. There was this great fabric place where everything was really cheap, then they'd tally it all up at the tills and divide the total by half. Can't argue with that kind of bargain.
Wearing: Homemade dress, Farmers smoke tights, Red Patent Sandals from store I can't remember, Beige Dotti Socks, Prada bag and BodyShop Lipstick
So Wellington= more choice, but I think it's easy to say that when you have lived in Christchurch for so many years and pretty much exhausted its second hand opportunities. I suppose I would catch up on Wellington eventually anyway.
Wearing: Homemade dress, Black Lipstick from Value Store, Black Chucks, Smoke Tights from Farmers, Secondhand Jersey, Prada Bag

Monday, January 10, 2011


I feel like this post should be way more exciting since I've left it for so long, but realistically, what is the point of a blog about style if you don't post your everyday outfits? So this is what I literally threw on to go see Narnia with my mum (massive disappointment). I've been enjoying wearing fairly boring, plain jumpers at the moment. I just bought this black one and I wear my comfy beige one constantly of course.

It's fun to be able to swish my ponytail backwards and forwards. I sometimes wack my boyfriend in the face by accident.

Wearing: Savemart dress (pleating self alteration), Savemart black Jersey, Cuff from Lovisa, Dotti socks and Red Velvet Doc Martens.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long Hair

My hair is finally long and I love it. Can't get enough of the feeling of it on my back.
Posing in front of my toilet!!! Probably not the most stylish place to take a picture