Friday, March 27, 2009


Another gold shiney thing.
I just purchased this jacket online and am awaiting its arrival in glee.
So gold, so shiney

Meanwhile I have another 400 words to write on my essay.
I managed to spend 3 hours on it today without the word count increasing.
How is that fair?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars

I've never been a big fan of Jeremy Scott. The man looks like a plonker, he's friends with Cory Kennedy and his collections aren't exactly ingenious. BUT holy mother I need these shoes. I was literally considering painting my sneakers gold the other day, and then I came across these. Why not create some lace attached wings too? Yeah that's a good idea...wonder where I got that from?


Would you read a blog if you didn't like somebody's style? If it was different from your own? If they had different political views from your own? If they wore fur? If they were too opinionated?

Why are all the most popular bloggers skinny?

Blog are meant to make our voices heard. But is anybody listening? Do they not (at least somewhat) reflect the dominant ideologies of our society anyway? Do we not tune out when the voice is dissimilar to our own? Send messages of hatred when people try something different?

Or is it that we just conform to an image?
Why do we all look the same? Stud everything we can see, shred t-shirts, bleach jeans.
Why do I not do all these things on purpose? Is that not worse?

Are blogs really platforms for discussion or just unanswered monologues?

I feel isolated in this medium. I don't know who I'm talking to. I'm like a stalker, I often don't comment.

So why do we do it? What does it accomplish? Why don't we scream our opinions? Why are we always treading on thin ice? This is our space, our place. People should hear our say.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am a terrible blogger. But actually I have felt kind of bored by my wardrobe at the moment. Just one of those dry spells. I've been wearing a lot of tartan, injecting some punk into my lifestyle.

Did everyone have a good St. Patrick's day? I had two pints of Guinness (I swear Irish is deep in my blood, I practically feel my spirit soaring to Irish music and that Guinness is as good as chocolate to my taste buds). And I tell ya, the one time of the year you get a lot of attention for being a redhead is St. Patrick's. A 40 year old man tried to full on kiss me (I managed to subvert it into a peck on the cheek, but still!!!).

The lack of shoes in these photos is a bit poor. I was just sitting around home when I took them