Friday, March 27, 2009


Another gold shiney thing.
I just purchased this jacket online and am awaiting its arrival in glee.
So gold, so shiney

Meanwhile I have another 400 words to write on my essay.
I managed to spend 3 hours on it today without the word count increasing.
How is that fair?


50two said...

i need some more gold shiney things in my wardrobe :)

oh well, im saying this for you own good, stop procrastinating!

now i need someone to say that to me :|

Dane said...

Thats a sick jacket, and very very gold. Cant wait to see what youre going to wear it with.

Madeline said...

that jacket is so gold and amazing. You definatly should post what you're going to wear it with

Wendy said...

Damn, this jacket is brilliant!