Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liquid Gold

The coolest thing about getting something new is deciding how to wear it. Playing with costumes is no secret in the blogging society. We are all sneaky suspects of it. And who could rob me the chance to do so with a LIQUID GOLD brand new jacket.
So this is me just playing around at home. I haven't worn any of these looks outside, but I certainly would in future. Introducing, my new gold jacket (and gold really is an understatement).

Oodles of grey, a hint of gold, some beige. I never can refrain from wearing blends of colour from head to toe. Elegant outfit.
Blue jeans, soft docs, a touch of leopard and a hood. Rainstorm? Palease...nothing could phase me. Casual outfit. Acid wash, fishnet tights, a grey loose t, and those 14 hole Doc Martens. Cross me and I'll kick your arse. The hard edge look.

And just to show you just how gold it really is....
I think I am in love.


Nice and Shiny said...

Ohhh, my my my ! I love it! Woow, tht jacket really is pure gold. Looks great on ya ;D


LJ said...

Thanks :D
It is seriously amazing.

selinaoolala said...

ooooh wow gold and leopard print, sweet! what a find