Sunday, April 26, 2009


I finally got around to doing some of the DIY projects I have been putting off for god knows how long. It is insane how much fabric I have piled up into my wardrobe, and every two months or so I decide on something different I want to do with it I swear, this velvet fabric I have has gone through at least 20 transformations.
On top of that I often buy things at op shops that are too big or not quite right, and they sit in my closet waiting to be revamped.

So this dress was lucky, it was only in there a week. I wasn't sure what I had in mind for it, but all of a sudden, it turned into this:
Before this it was two sizes too big and down to my ankles. Now I'm not one to raise my nose at long skirts but it made me look like a bean pole.

Ever since i watched the BBC version of Ballet Shoes, I have been a little obsessed with the idea of the 1920s. Pretty fabrics like this have caught my eye. And I am in love with how this turned out, though I think I might undo the last pleat in the middle because it looks a little like I have it stuck in my underwear haha. But otherwise, I couldn't have imagined a better end result. I want to wear it everyday this week.

Second up, I made a cute shift dress out of some beautiful gold fabric I've been saving up for a while.
I didn't want to put this dress up, as it totally trumps mine, but I thought I shouldn't pretend I wasn't inspired by it.
Rumi from fasiontoast

I'll put a better picture up when I work out how to wear it. Unfortunately it's not that possible to go bra less, because one gets the Balmian effect:

....if you get what I'm saying.

Anyway, that's what I accomplished today. Hopefully there will be a few more thing popping up. I have at least two dresses on the go at the moment and I still need to buy some ribbon to lace one of my Doc Martens (turns out 3 metres was only enough for one...holy cow).
Hope you all had good weekend.


Dane said...

Wow what amazing DIYs! I love both dresses.. was the skirt like that already on the first one or did you do the pinned up wavy effect?

And the second is pretty too, post more photos!

Toni said...

Hey lulu, I love the dress and you wear it so well! Its a stunning transformation! I also love the shoes - I have an almost identical pair!
I am halfway through a letter to you too.

LJ said...

Hey Dane, yeah I did the tucks myself. It was actually really simple, there's about four pleats down the sides and the middle.

I wore it today and my god I love it so much.

Can't wait for the letter Toni

ryder said...

first is very kenzo like.

Jessie said...

OMG I lovee both of your dresses! The ruffles are soo pretty! And it's such a brilliant idea. I usually just shorten it by cropping it off, but you're so creative! I'd love to see a tutorial =D
Yeah so far no luck with online wedge heel hunting either =(

xx jessie

LJ said...

Could deffintily manage a tuitorial, I have an ugly green dress that is dead to me, I'll try get one up

Krystal said...

i want red hair!! adore this x

Lori said...

that dress looks amazing on you

kirstyb said...

The dress's are amazing yay you.

Rosanna said...

you made that? its amazing! i love the draping on the first dress

Zarna said...

love that dress and wonderful shoes!!


xs said...

wow, great job! love those shoes too!

macyaverage said...

that's a great DIY. It looks lovely on you, and I love your shoes. I was gonna get them myself, but realized I had no money ^__^;;