Monday, August 24, 2009

Joining the Circus.

Fish nets, gold shoes, jewel colours, frilled collars. I probably should really, join the circus that is. I would fit right in. Well I could dress the part, I actually suck at any kind of gymnastics or crazy flexibility. I can't even touch my toes.
Here are my shoes!! Are they not amazing?
It's been so hot the last couple of days. These two tops have been great. Found them both at an op-shop, exactly the same except that they green one is made of a slightly lighter fabric. There was also a beautiful cream lace one, but I thought buying all three would be a bit much.
Don't know what I'm doing with my hand in the first picture, but it showed my shoes.

Deadly Ponies

So my clothes appreciation week didn't go too well. It rained all week, so most of the clothes were too cold. And then my camera ran out of batteries, so when I did wear them I couldn't take any photos.
Still, I may be able to recreate some of them for you.
My gold shoes arrived in the mail!! They are amazing. I will post a picture of them tomorrow, as I don't think a flash will really do them justice.

I found this great jewellery brand called Deadly Ponies. I'm in love with so many of their things, and their bags. But alas, I cannot afford them.
Here are some of my favourites.Deadly Ponies Carnation Bud Necklace. Bone on sterling silver

Mr Neck Arm Necklace in Brass
Mr. Flower B Necklace. Bone and Gold
Mr. Bow Tie Skull Necklace. Leather and Metal.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clothes appreciation week

Looking through my closet, there are so many beautiful garments that I never wear. It's crazy. So I have decided that next week is to be my beautiful clothes appreciation week. This is a week for the things in my closet which rarely see the sun, and yet are very, very beautiful. I have chosen four items (since sunday is spent at work wearing uniform and it gives me a chance to wear some of them more than once). These must be worn at least once next week, but preferably even more.

First of all, 2 dresses. Both handmade and designed.Two print Luella inspired dress, Butterfly dress with ribbon

Secondly, two jackets (you may be sensing I wasn't lying when I admitted my weakness for shiney things earlier).Gold World Jacket, Green Brocade Bomber Jacket (handmade)

Lastly, I also have a beautiful, beautiful watch that hasn't seen the light of day for atleast a year. Granted it has run out of battery, but that's no excuse. I am terrible and repairing things and putting it on my wrist will only serve as a reminder.

Hands Christian Anderson Swatch (if you look closely there is actually the Snow Queen on the left, and the other strap has the little match stick girl)

So clothes apprecation week. yay! Can't wait, and I'll deffinitly post pictures. I'd love to see the beautiful things in other people's closets that go unnoticed. Perhaps we should make it a legitimate holiday....right boss???? ;)