Monday, August 24, 2009

Deadly Ponies

So my clothes appreciation week didn't go too well. It rained all week, so most of the clothes were too cold. And then my camera ran out of batteries, so when I did wear them I couldn't take any photos.
Still, I may be able to recreate some of them for you.
My gold shoes arrived in the mail!! They are amazing. I will post a picture of them tomorrow, as I don't think a flash will really do them justice.

I found this great jewellery brand called Deadly Ponies. I'm in love with so many of their things, and their bags. But alas, I cannot afford them.
Here are some of my favourites.Deadly Ponies Carnation Bud Necklace. Bone on sterling silver

Mr Neck Arm Necklace in Brass
Mr. Flower B Necklace. Bone and Gold
Mr. Bow Tie Skull Necklace. Leather and Metal.

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Malena said...

That jewelry is all beautiful, but unconventional. I love it.