Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Would you read a blog if you didn't like somebody's style? If it was different from your own? If they had different political views from your own? If they wore fur? If they were too opinionated?

Why are all the most popular bloggers skinny?

Blog are meant to make our voices heard. But is anybody listening? Do they not (at least somewhat) reflect the dominant ideologies of our society anyway? Do we not tune out when the voice is dissimilar to our own? Send messages of hatred when people try something different?

Or is it that we just conform to an image?
Why do we all look the same? Stud everything we can see, shred t-shirts, bleach jeans.
Why do I not do all these things on purpose? Is that not worse?

Are blogs really platforms for discussion or just unanswered monologues?

I feel isolated in this medium. I don't know who I'm talking to. I'm like a stalker, I often don't comment.

So why do we do it? What does it accomplish? Why don't we scream our opinions? Why are we always treading on thin ice? This is our space, our place. People should hear our say.


50two said...

i had a long comment to say. but i deleted the whole thing cause after thinking about it, i figured id be telling you things you already know. i agree with you completely and its sad.

LJ said...

Ah you should have stuck with the long comment anyway!
I'm just going to blog what I think from now on. Hopefully. I'm gonna try and stay away from mentioning where I bought things, what brands things are.

Nice and Shiny said...

These are important questions to ask, I've been thinking about them myself.

I think a lot of bloggers to comment on other blogs because they know how much work can go into a single post and it's good to know that there ARE people out there who are reading and like what they see. On the other hand, there are so, so many "lurkers" out there who only decide to comment when its something nasty. Which really, is just unfortunate.

I think most people start blogs just to get their thoughts and ideas out there. It's frustrating to not be able to talk to people sometimes, and in my case I litterally know NO ONE who is into fashion so my blog is just a place to blah on about my fashion obsession. Any one who wants to come along for the ride is welcome!

And about the thing about a lot of fashion bloggers looking alike, I totally agree. I think fashion blogs are a way to step OUTSIDE the mainstream and what we see in malls, so it sucks when all we see on so many blogs is the same rubbish over and over again... I mean, if I've seen one shredded tee I've seen them all!
I think that blogs get the most comments when
1) they have a quality camera/ good photos
2) Update very often, if not daily
3) And unfortunatly, the person's style is fairly generic. Although there are the rare cases where people do follow thier own path (stylerookie, stylebubble,...)

I also think it's important to look at blogs, and what they mean to both bloggers and readers because to most of us we spend a lot of time on the internet! We pour a lot into creating our blogs and reading others so it's crucial that we step back once and a while and THINK about what we're reading and what we're doing

Long enough comment for ya? Lol!


LJ said...

It's nice to see a more optimistic approach to the subject :D.
You are right in saying it is a channel for us fashion minded people who otherwise don't really have much space to project our own styles.
And in someways, the way we absorb fashion in our daily lives causes trends too. I guess, humans are just naturally a bunch of sheep. And it's a way of communicating. If somebody is just completely out of the rhelm of the norm, their style just doesn't translate into anything. So if it's about self expression then trends are inescapable.

Perhaps acidwash, ripped tshirts-it's all a code saying I'm a fashion blogger and you are too.

But I just wish that more pople would create these trends instead of just a few over and over.

Eeli said...
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Lucy-Jane said...
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LJ said...

It's nice to see people that aren't just blindly following. I mean I still have these girls as my top favourites, and that's probably pretty hypocritical.
This post is not necessarily about others though, it's about my own viewing habits as well.

I think it's good to question how we ourselves work. I may do a litte tweeking of my links bar