Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inside out Chanel

New vest. Well actually, it's a jacket I cut the arms off. It really didn't feel right till now, but I loved the fabric. Sort of a inside out Chanel. You know, the collection with the Americana striped and stars. I can imagine wearing this with red and white striped for a similar feel.

I have been wearing a lot of vests lately. Well another vest, I guess. My furry one. Embarrassing story, I left it in my lecture, the soul guy in the course (it's heroins in History) found it and asked the whole class whose it was. So basically, I had to claim this furry gorilla vest in front of my whole class. I wear it though, so I don't know why that's embarrassing. I guess not worn, out of context, a hairy vest is a pretty strange thing to own.


Malena said...

my friend owns a huge furry vest too, so similar things have happened to her.
also, i love the starry vest!

Anonymous said...

cool vest. sorry about your embarrassing moment, those are always fun to laugh at later on.