Monday, November 9, 2009

Cup Day

I went to cup day with my dad today. I tell yah, I can't understand how the likes of Rumi and Lulu go around in heels all day. My feet are killing me and that's just from one outing. Still it was a long day and I barely got to sit down.
I decided to enter fashion in the field after I got flagged down as soon as I came through the gate. But their taste is so shocking! The shinier the better, and everything has to be so matching it sets your teeth grinding at the cheesiness of it. Also, they told us to get there at 12:30 and my event wasn't till about 3 let alone my heat. There was no where to sit back stages and everything was so disorganised so I wasn't even sure if I was in the right place. It's safe to say I won't enter next year.

Wearing: Home made dress with exposed zip, Bag from ?, Borrowed Shoes, Self made headband, Cream rose ring from Diva.


fashion westie said...

Aaarrggh! What a downer to an upper of an outfit! What would those people know anyway? Most of them subscribe to Simply You and own most of Paula Ryan's basics range! I LOVE your Cup Day outfit. Did you win on the horses?

LJ said...

No I didn't bet! I wish I had, but I had very little money. My dad did though but we didn't win much. There's such an atmosphere though, every time the horses came in for the final lap. I managed to miss it somehow last time I was there

fashion westie said...

Haha...they are def get drivin, walk into carpeted area, sit down most of night shoes. But I can walk the length of Queen St (Aucks) if i concentrate.

Dress took about 1 1/2 hours. Once you get your mojo with the's a quick affair!

Lilee said...

great outfit! it is super creative! so i'm guessing you're from melbourne?

gollygoshgumgoo said...

Pity the fashion spotter who noticed your creative flair as soon as you arrived wasnt the judge as that person obviously had taste. Gorgeous look on a gorgeous woman!

CrunchyEmpanada said...

Maybe it's because I'm just a silly American, but what in the world is Cup Day? :P

And where's my email!?

rani said...

wow that dress is home-made? what a creative mind.. that is a tres unique dress and cool one :D love it

A and A said...


happy to find you here:)

xxlots of love from San Francisco.

alex and amy

Juliet said...

That dress is so sweet!

juliet xxx