Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Last day of the year!
This year has been pretty good, if not a bit slow at the end. I am really looking forward to turning a new leaf.
In true blogging spirit, my boyfriend took a few photos of me recently. This was the only one that turned out well as mostly the lighting was pretty bad. THIS T-SHIRT IS HUGE.

Hope you all party tonight and have the greatest time! I have to work tomorrow so I will probably tone it down a bit. It really sucks working Christmas eve, Boxing day and new years day.


fell in the nettles said...

May you have a happy new year:)

Krystal said...

gorge photo, and LOVE the header x

Style Magnet; Sara said...

I need to get me a man for the sole purpose of taking blog photos for me, haha. I love the outfit!

Rosanna said...

happy new year!!!!!

i wish i had a boyfriend to take pictures of me too! hahaha :)


Pixienish said...

Happy New Year :)

& i like your shirt!

Anonymous said...

love the photo


Alice X said...

gorgeous shoes and socks you're wearing, love the outfit:)


Nice and Shiny said...

What a FAB outfit!! The big t-shirt gives it a drop-waist effect, my favourite! It looks great on your body type, sadly I look quite wonky when I try out similar looks
TTyl, Happy new year!
Oh yeah, and thanks for commenting even though my posts are all dusty and outdated, lol!

LJ said...

hey, well my posts are getting very dusty too. It's been two weeks!! I might put up one tonight