Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How beautiful she is.
I wish my hair would grow long already


Anonymous said...

look, look at those long, luscious curls...its called airbrushing :)

LJ said...

hahah good point

...love Maegan said...

she is like a doll. a perfect little doll. beautiful!

J4miE said...

oh, she's quite famous now?
Which model u like the most?
I like Agyness.

LJ said...

Hye JAmie.
I'm not really sure which model I like the most. But I have always really loved Gemma Ward because she seems very down to earth, and she has something very innocent about her beauty.
Then again, the other day I saw a video of her smoking and that put me off her just a bit.

tisdalejones said...

HEY LJ,i realise you really want your hair to grow. Maybe if you get into the final 10ish of NZNTM they will give you a nice makeover, so theres another thing you can use to motivate you! :) gl