Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

I am being an idealist today. This is my-I won a lot of money-Christmas list. Maybe one day at least one of these pieces will be mine.

That Nom*D dress. Seriously hard to get good pictures of New Zealand fashion on the Internet. This dress is spectacularly cool. It's called a half dress because the back actually doesn't exist. It's more of an apron, with all these loose ties at the back to tie. It's also reversible with this shiny black paisley print on the inside. Seriously, I would never wear anything else.

When I first saw these docs they seemed a little to tween/emo and eccentric for me and just thought yuck. But recently I actually had a dream where I bought them and drew black vivid all over them. When I tried to wash it off, all the pink faded to this dull washed out colour and I was really upset. Since then I have sort of seen them in a different light. I feel I could stick those colourful stickers you buy at stationery stores on them (a la left boot) and they would look amazing!!! There is just something about their gummy pinkness. I wouldn't mind some plain black ones too.

Dyberg Kern locket. Ages ago, they had these in a big heart shape and gold rather than silver. I have wanted a big heart shaped locket for at least three years now. They don't seem to be selling those anywhere anymore so I may just settle for this, still very lovely, oval shape (again in gold rather than silver). These are actually not that expensive.

Karen Walker rocket ship pendant. So, so, so, so, so, so cute. It also comes in mini size, but I already have a little one of hers. I'd prefer one of her more solid pieces.

Sewing Machine!!!!!
Not this one in particular, just one that works and does all the basic things. I thought, oh hello kitty sewing machine!!! Who knew it would be so creepy??

Ok...I actually found this really hard. Perhaps I don't dream of expensive things quite as much as I thought. Don't know whether that is good or bad.


ashleigh said...

oh this scares me thinking about all the materialistic and unattainable things i would purchase.

i love the spaceship pendant too :)

50two said...

most things in life are ridiculously overpriced. :(

that hello kitty sewing machine looks lethal. i want it.

Ana said...

Haha your dream for the Docs is amazing. The stickers twould be so cool.

Anonymous said...

love the sewing machine, crazy <33<3

Ivania said...

ahhw I love the hello kitty sewing machine, eventhough its is indeed a bit creepy