Friday, December 19, 2008


The boring printed out certificate says "New Zealand's Next Top Model, Christchurch finalist 13, my name." And that's because, that is what I am!!!
It's actually quite funny because it seems very counterfeit, and my name is even written in my own handwriting, but that is what I had to do once I excited the audition room.

I can't believe it, I only really auditioned for fun and to see what would happen. I'm seriously stoked!

The whole experience was pretty cool. I thought the place would be packed, but it was actually fairly casual and slow moving. There was a long line of girls when I got there, all in flashy clothes with really straight hair. I felt so embarrassed, because my hair was a frizzy mess from the rain and all squashed at the top from hat hair. I also had on my pair of doc martens and a tshirt over a dress and some leggings. I was like, "oh god this is all wrong".
Worst was, I had to walk down the line of them to apply and they all stared me down soooo bad. They then took our height. The minimum requirements are 170cm. I was 171 which was fine. If you were one centimetre of it, bam you're out. Some girls came in with HUGE heels, hoping to at least get the audition and worry about the height later. This one girl came in with massive sunglasses and the biggest heals you have ever seen. She strutted all the way down the line, only to be told she had to go home. Well I can't say we didn't all gloat a bit about that one.
So I had to sit there and wait for my turn. It took about 2 hours and all the time I was trying to remain calm. In actual fact, I was fine for most of it and actually had a really good time talking to the girl in front of me in the line. She was gorgeous, with this big blond Afro. Really interesting looking.
For the entire 2 hours, no girls got in. They'd all come out with this blue card which meant no and then tell us good luck and walk out. Finally, the girl in front of me went in and got through! I knew she would, but then it was my turn.

The judges were really nice and immediately gave me such a good vibe and so many compliments. They really liked my hair cut and my sense of style, and I actually love performing so it was quite fun to talk to them. Then they started to say that I didn't need to be nervous and that when I moved onto the next round i should just show my stuff and tell the camera how great I am, and I was thinking, "did I just hear that? Am I seriously going on?". I couldn't believe it. It was the most awesome feeling leaving that room with the green card for everyone to see.
Then I got to go to this back room where they took pictures of me and interviewed me on video. They didn't actually have cameras anywhere else in the whole audition period. I think they are trying to go for a more professional feel, which does make sense. The tape was only for their use and won't make it onto the television.
The interview was really fun and the guys were really relaxed and we just chatted away. They actually got so interested in what i was saying that they kept forgetting the question, though I think it was much like that for the girl before me too.
They asked me questions about what i am like as a person, and why I would like to be a model and what music I liked listening to.
When the girl before me left the room, she was so excited to see me there, she gave me a big hug. Basically it was a really awesome experience and I can't believe I have even got this far.
What happens now basically involves waiting. They still have to audition the rest of New Zealand and then they choose 33 girls out of the tapes to send to Queenstown. There they start shooting for the TV show and I believe we/they spend the weekend. After that, 20 girls are eliminated and the remaining 13 head off to Auckland to compete.
I don't want to think too far into the future, so I'm just really rooting for Queenstown. If I can at least get there, I can show them what I've got and whether I am good enough to be the next new face. It would just be so amazing and so much fun!


50two said...

HOLY! congratualations!!! :) thats so awesome. and that certificate is inadequate. especially how you have to fill in your own name. oh well i guess it makes sense.. good luck for the rest of the competition!

Merily said...

Wow, congrats! And good luck from me too :)

Anonymous said... CONGRATS!!! this is huge!!!

V said...

oh wow! congrats! I can't way for the show to air.

stylemagnet said...

That is so exciting! CONGRATS! Keep us posted so we can live vicariously through you :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! well done, i hope it goes well for you

Stephanie said...

Oh my god, congrats! You better keep us updated. =]

net said...

wow, congrats to you! i'm so happy for you!

Fashion cameleon said...

woow i really hope you get it, seems like a crazy experience and you definitely have a different style to show off

Fashion cameleon said...

woow i really hope you get it, seems like a crazy experience and you definitely have a different style to show off

Anardana said...

That's so cool! You are totally gorgeous.

Amber : CFS said...

Great story & you're gorgeous. Good luck!

tisdalejones said...

Hey LJ is it? you look really nice and sweet, i'm rooting for you and i REALLY hope you get far, i hoep to see you in the fianl 3. i havent seen any of the other contestants yet, but you look very nice and i hope your a gud model cuz you are very sweet looking :) keep us updated okay? and GOOD LUCK!

LJ said...

Ah everyone is so nice!
Thanks guys I will deffinitly keep you updated. Not sure when I find out if I get in or not but it should be in the next couple of weeks

Red head Fan said...

Hey did you make it in the top 33? Are you off to Queenstown? I know someone who is there already with the top 33. A beautiful Red Head.

LJ said...

No I didn't unfortunatly :(.
yay for a redhead though!!!!

selinaoolala said...

omggg what a crazy experience! i do hope you hear something soon so we can hear all about it!