Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sorry to those who do read this, for being so absent lately. My new job has pretty much consumed me for the last two weeks and I have been almost too scared to just lie down and chill. The projects have just been mounting though and eventually I had to cave. I have two dresses half sewn, a story half written and have been meaning to attempt a painting for atleast a month.

I can't help but wish away my life at the moment. I feel like it is a pretty bad thing to do, but I have 8 weeks of full time work stretching in front of me. The last two weeks went exceptionally slow. Thinking that far ahead is really bad for you, especially at my age where you really have no idea where you will be in the next...two years even. I really do feel like I think about things far too much. No detail of my life escapes my notice.
But anyway, that's just a little view into my headspace, which is very muddled at the moment. I'm hoping to get it all sorted out before university next year.

I never know how much to say on this thing. Whether I want this to be my diary or just a documentation of my outfits day by day. But, no outfit has NO context. They all come from somewhere. And I guess, right now, clothes seem to have slipped off the agenda (hence my blog falling apart). I just feel so unmotivated.


Anonymous said...

awww...i'm sorry to hear that. we all feel that way once in a while. but cheer up, dear one, and you will get through it faster than you expected and before you know, those 8 weeks of hell will be over with and you will look back at them 40 years later when you're retired and laugh.

Zany Style said...

NICE!!! love the comination. plus love the hair!

Kirke said...

Nice outfit!