Sunday, December 21, 2008


I went Christmas shopping today, and instead of buying things for other people, I just ended up buying stuff for myself! I am such a narcissist.
Well, that's not strictly true, I did buy a few presents. But it is so difficult, when you know exactly what YOU want, but not the ones you love.
Must work on that!

I got the most fantastic singlet/dress from supre of all places. I have a bit of a thing for layers of floral so this tickled my fancy.
I find the sizes at supre really sick. I picked an XL in this dress because it looked like the better size. AN XL!!!! It does gape a little around the sleeve, but considering its intended size, a little gaping isn't really the serious issue. I think, naturally this dress is meant to be skin tight with boobs sticking out the top...which isn't really my style.
But what kind of a message is that sending to girls here? I mean, I have no issues with picking an XL as I am so clearly not that large, but what about those who are a 12 or 14. Now there is nothing large or fat about being that size. Lots of very thin, attractive girls are 12, 14 and even 16 naturally and are beautiful....but when they don't even fit an XL, how are they meant to feel?
I was actually pondering this on the way home, wondering how the designers can actually take themselves seriously, creating clothes like that.
Having said all this, I don't know whether people really take supre seriously. I know none of my friends do, we all treat it like a joke and only ever buy from there slightly embarrassingly.
Sometimes I really don't understand why retailers don't have standard sizes.

And then, quite confusingly, I found the most massive t-shirt you've ever seen. Again, I don't understand what their designers were thinking, with all those neon, tight singlets, throwing in this big baggy t...but it makes me happy. I used to have this baggy grey tshirt from supre which was the most perfect basic I've ever had. I wore it with everything and then left it at my friend's house and never got it back. I hate when that happens.


thedrifterandthegypsy said...

haha...i always end up doing that too. and i loooveee buying stuff at least two sizes bigger than what i wear. whenever i go shopping with my mom and get a bunch of oversized shirts in size XL, she's all like seriously? because i'm a small person, but they're sooo comfy, i can't resist xD

Romeika said...

You look great in that oversized tee! As for the shopping thing, I guess that happens a lot with us girls.. haha ^.^

fell in the nettles said...

Merry Christmas!

attempting to discover style said...

I always end up buying stuff for myself too. But then when I have the mindset of buying stuff for myself, I end up choosing out great things for friends. Haha.

Wendy said...

The dress looks so unique.

Merily said...

Your hair is TOO beautiful!

Taylor said...

ooh this is really cute