Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here's the dress I made, I'm really happy with it. It isn't quite ready yet because I need to get grey thread to sew the zip in the back .
I'm not sure if the hem is straight, it looks like it's a bit longer on the left but I don't think it'll be obvious when I wear it.
Had a pretty boring day today, hoping it picks up tomorrow.


Susan Walsh said...

It looks so lovely! I love the fabric! You could wear it to your 21st birthday!

gollygoshgumgoo said...

Love the dress Lulu and the extra blogging - have been away but came back to catch up on what has been going on so it was good to read a few posts. You are looking gorgeous and cant wait to see you in two weeks :-)

Jenny said...

aw so gorgeous! i wish i could make dresses like this :) and even if the hem is uneven, it adds character! something every dress aughta have!