Saturday, February 14, 2009


Playing with my boyfriend in my garden. It's such a sunny aftermath to valentines day, we will probably end up running through the sprinkler soon.
I was going for a sort of nerd look here, with a buttoned up shirt. Skirt's probably a bit short though.


Beka said...

Love your blog, have just started my own, argh and finding it a bit tricky to navigate.. Thought maybe you might be able to tell me how to make photos bigger when you post them? Check out my blog if you like! Thanks, Beka.

Casey said...

I love these photos. You guys look like you had a great time :]
And I would die for that dress of yours! It reminds me of something that you originally buy in elementary school, but then you grow up and realize it is still absolutely amazing.
As if I could wear clothes from elementary school. haha I can't wear any clothes from my pre-ten foot tall days!

Anonymous said...

i love the first photo with you throwing up your pretty. and your all i can say...he's absolutely gorgeous.

LJ said...

Micaela- Thankyou very much! I liked that photo too, don't know how we managed to coordinate so easily, we did it first go. He will be very happy to hear you say that :D.
Beka- If you upload your photos to a photo hosting site first, then they will be bigger than blogger seems to allow. I use photobucket, but I think flickr is more popular.
Casey- I totally know what you mean about elementary school clothes, although I mostly kill for the little outfits I had when i was a little kid. I actually picked this dress up at the most skanky chain store, I couldn't believe it, it really didn't belong.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments!