Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry for the late at night photos, but I just realised I could totally wear my giant grey tshirt as a dress. I look so grunge right now. Not sure if that's in a good way.
This is what two days of rain and no maintenance does to my hair. Whoot!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, dear. And to answer your question, sometimes it does take me a very long time to pick out all the photos. When I go on, sometimes there is a lot of photos I really like in a row, in which case, it goes by faster than if I'm having trouble finding one photo I like. One post takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 2 or even more hours depending on how many tags and awards I've gotten, which is why I'm trying to scale back on the amount of posts I do per week since I spend so much time on the Internet.

Nice and Shiny said...

Umm, you look amazing! Grungy, and definately in a good way ;D
Your hair=love. You should let it run wild more often :D


Stacy said...

You have fantastic hair.