Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was meant to hear about the modelling today, but nothing has come through and it is now officially tomorrow. I am not too displeased, I had a lot of fun the day before pretending to be a part of it and taking lots of crazy "broken doll" pictures which Tyra likes so much.
Here's a couple of more normal ones.


Anonymous said...

i love your shoes. and im crossing my fingers and toes for you about the modeling thing.

Dane said...

I just read your post about new zealands next top model, how amazing, I am thinking of your lots and crossing all my fingers, toes and everything else crossable. Good luck!

LJ said...

I havent heard from the people and they have contacted one of the friends I made there (who also got trhough).
I think it's a no go, but I'm not that disapointed. I wanted it for all the wrong reasons

Valentine said...

love love the shoes and the shorts-- the entire look actually. it looks so easy and carefree. me likey. :-)


good luck with the modelling! :-)

Andy said...

Original !
These shoes seem to be great!
check out my new post


Isabel said...

Amazing outfit! I love the acid wash shorts. They're so badass and look great with the tank and oxfords.

Molly Gray // Flavia M. (same girl) said...

you have an amazing blog and great sense of style.

Vintage Tea said...

Great shorts!

Please check out