Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Again!!

I am going to try and post more often as now I am on holiday. Over the last month I have pretty much let all my hobbies fall apart and now I am bursting with inspiration!!!

I want my sewing machine back! We are not sure what happened to it. It started smoking a few months ago, and we thought it was just the foot (seriously, if your sewing machine blows check the foot first, it is usually the problem). But dad had a twiddle at it and it seems it has just done its time. Poor sewing machine. It was so old and so loyal for so long. It did rattle something shocking though, and the tension was never quite right.

I am loving these shoes at the moment. I guess it makes me nostalgic for back in the days when I had to wear a uniform (I'm just kidding guys, god how I hated that).

I also bought some glasses!! Edit: My boyfriend bought them for me for my birthday (he actually secretly loves them and steals them from me most days I wear them).
Here is my geek look:

I also have an awesome purple, nerdy jersey to go with this, but I had just walked up the hill when i took this photo.