Monday, September 22, 2008


Sorry the blogs been so defunk. I've sort of being waiting for some warm weather. I tried to make a collage but my photoshop skills are seriously wanting and I could NOT get it big enough. This was the forth try. So anyway, here are some photos of the new clothes I thrifted last weekend.

I got a denim coat/dress which is really 80s with an awesome hood, the sickest pink leather skirt, which is actually a tad tight, but will stretch and a brazier to wear over tops (I plan to maybe stud this and wear with dresses rather than shorts as in this picture). I also got a really nice denim jacket in a light shade and a vintage top in a lovely print.
The weather has been so lovely, I just want to walk around barefoot and lie in tall grass. Instead I've been biking to school. Somebody offered me a cookie today for decreasing my carbon footprint. It was strange but it tasted good.

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