Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seems I'm doomed to never keep this blog updated regularly. Not that it matters really since I'm doing it for myself and for my Auntie and mum (who I'm sure won't hold it against me). But I do wish I would make a post at least every second day because I generally enjoy it. I love clothes!
This is a dress I made last week. It's the first thing I've made on my sewing machine and I'm pretty proud of it. The fabric is soooo pretty. Tim's mum gave it to me and there was like 5 yards or something so I still have heaps left. My friend Maddy loved it so much. I would love to sew her the same dress haha. I wonder if she would let me.
I'm also making a really cool reversible dress that is going to be sort of like an apron. I'm going to be all dressed out after this.
What I love about this one is it so encapsulates autumn to me. The colours especially but also the style and length. It's a bit loose so I can wear lots of layers underneath and then it's short so it shows off thick tights (so important in colder months when one is forced to wear a coat all the time, and lets be honest, coats aren't the most feminine garments by definition).

Today I sat through the most horrific documentary on the Rwanda genocide. It was heartbreaking. I to this day don't think I realised just how disgusting it was 16 years later! My lecturer was talking about how she was 25 at the time, studying international history and still unaware of it taking place. And despite hearing about it over and over throughout my coms courses (studying media's role or lack of in the genocide) and still never payed much attention to it. Just goes to show how little notice we take of the world when it's beyond our recognition or understanding of our own lives.

On that note, who the hell is Justin Bieber??? Where the hell did this kid come from and WHY is he so popular?

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