Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have this thing for looking like a couch. In fact, I have a couch with this kind of fabric so I guess I am channelling that. I also like to own the same kind of patten or fabric in multiple garments to the point where I could almost wear it head to toe. I refrained in this photo, but I do have a tapestry jacket, shorts and boots as well as this dress. I need to go to rehab. 

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Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

The first photo is awesome, like something out of a magazine. i love tapestry, fabrics just aren't as interesting nowadays. not often you find a pattern worked into a material rather than just printed on top. thank you for your comment too, i totally appreciate living over here in Europe and my friends and I try to travel as much as possible when we can afford it, so many people here don't. when i lived in Sweden, only 10 girls out of over 300 applied to study abroad, can you believe it!